What Is CCI?

The CCI cryptocurrency index is an indicator of the condition of the leading digital currencies. It displays the state of the market based on data from the world's leading crypto exchanges. In other words, it is an indicator that reflects the real strength of the currency, its volatility and capitalization, as well as the mood of the market and investors.

The neural network, created for the accuracy of calculating the index, analyzes the prices of TOP-5 currencies simultaneously on 10 leading exchanges, taking into account more than 20 factors.

How Is CCI Used?

By investing in this index, you get the opportunity not only to profitable trading, but also more reliable investment protection, since the volatility of the index is not so susceptible to sudden changes in comparison with the currency pairs included in the index. In other words, you invest in the movement of the entire market, not in its individual instruments.

Top 5 Coins by Market CCI

Perfect listing tool

We offer specific profitable conditions for CCI listing on your exchange. Profuse bonuses for you and your traders.

How it works

Start monetizing your experience with one of the most trusted trading tools

icon Minimum fees
Minimum fees

Special conditions for traders. Bonus programs and reduction of trading commission rates up to 50% of the market average

icon Blockchain technology transparency
Blockchain technology transparency

Track the value of underlying assets in real time and view CCI transactions on the blockchain.

icon Track the index
Track the index

The neural network that calculates the index allows you to very accurately generate quotes in real time

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