CCI - index of TOP-5 cryptocurrencies

What is CCI?

The CCI cryptocurrency index is an indicator of the health of the leading digital currencies. It displays the state of the market based on data from the world's leading crypto exchanges. In other words, it is an indicator that reflects the real strength of the currency, its volatility and capitalization, as well as the mood of the market and investors.

The neural network, created for the accuracy of calculating the index, analyzes the prices of TOP-5 currencies simultaneously on 10 leading exchanges, taking into account more than 20 factors.

The index includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • BitcoinCash

Each coin has its own weight in the index and this weight is unchanged. The data is updated in real time.

What is the value of the index for a trader?

Index trading, according to leading traders, has greater predictability and the ability to more accurately use tools to predict the rate.

By investing in this index, you get the opportunity not only to profitable trading, but also more reliable investment protection, since the volatility of the index is not so susceptible to sudden changes in comparison with the currency pairs included in the index. In other words, you invest in the movement of the entire market, and not in its individual instruments.

In addition, the TOP-5 coins and the study of only the top exchanges give confidence in the correctness of the index calculation, since the analysis does not involve fake volumes, which most exchanges from the TOP-100 or, moreover, the TOP-200, sin about.

How do I trade the index?

By and large, index trading is no different from trading conventional cryptocurrency pairs. You can apply your proven strategies, use the same analytics and forecasting tools.

We are constantly working to expand the number of trading platforms where you can make a profit by trading our index. Subscribe to our news and channels in social networks to promptly receive information about new sites where our index is.

At the moment, the CCI index is available on several reliable sites with a high degree of protection with an affordable and responsive support service.

On each of these exchanges, the index is available in several pairs for the main currencies: BTC, ETH and USDT. As the volume of trading grows, we will add both the number of pairs on existing exchanges and increase the number of exchanges themselves. You can choose the most comfortable site for you.

How to Invest in an Index?

Investing in an index, as well as any type of investment, is subject to the same general rules. All investment models in all trading instruments are subject to them.

First of all, do not violate the main rule of the investor - operate only with those funds, the loss of which will not lead to a change in the quality of your life.

Mandatory diversification of your investment portfolio is required. That is, you cannot "put all your eggs in one basket." Select several trading instruments that you are comfortable working with.

Even if you see huge potential for leveraged trading, think seven times. The virtual profit can easily turn out to be quite real losses, since in this case even trading “at zero”, that is, without profit, is already a loss. Nobody will write off the interest for using leverage.

Investing in the index is safer than investing in individual trading pairs and more stable in profit. However, we recommend starting with small amounts.

Check your investment strategy and always follow it. You can do this on any demo account. We are currently negotiating with Dex-trade to add a demo account with our index in several pairs to their demo trading service. You can test your strategy in real conditions without risking your own funds.

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